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Butler Service Options

Junior Butler

A Junior Butler is a fully trained Resort Butler who serves to free up Mom's time on a vacation and one who strives to keep the villa tidy. 


A Junior Butler may

  • vacuum flooring & damp mop

  • make beds and tidy gathering spaces and bedrooms

  • launder towels for rooms and poolside use

  • tidy the kitchen and dishes

  • prepare and serve beverages to all

  • plan activities for smaller children such as an Ice Cream Sundae making

  • create "mocktails" and healthy snacks for children

Our Junior Butlers may also  facilitate family style meals, and provide information on attractions.

Our Junior Butlers are scheduled for 8 or 10 hour days to care for your family.

Pricing is:     $  480 for  8 hours

                     $  600 for 10 hours

Senior Butler

(also known as a Valet)

A Senor Butler is a fully trained professional Butler who has served in private homes to manage the goings and comings of a busy family.  They are experts at organization, event management, white glove dining service, setting  stunning tables and more.  A Butler can manage a special event to seamless perfection so you may enjoy your guests or your vacation.


A Senior Butler may also

  • unpack/pack suitcases and care for wardrobes

  • arrange for meals and/or perform shopping for the Amateur Chef in your family

  • serve as a Concierge for local events and family entertainment

  • create cocktails & specialty beverages

  • perform all functions of a Junior Butler

Our Butlers are scheduled 8, 10, 12 or 14 hour days,  including all major holidays,  to meet your needs.

Pricing is:     $  560 for  8 hours

                     $  700 for 10 hours

                     $  890 for 12 hours

                     $1,040 for 14 hours

Executive Butler

An Executive Butler is a classically trained professional Butler and one who embodies the persona everyone associates with a Butler: He is calm, reserved, able to handle anything with grace, and filled with quick retorts.  Trying to catch an Executive Butler off guard becomes a mission for some clients but very difficult to do!


An Executive Butler anticipates your needs and always delivers elegant service, often before you ask or even think of asking.


An Executive Butler may also

  • coordinate events and work seamlessly with many vendors

  • arrange for local transportation

  • facilitate personal services such as massages or manicures 

  • perform all functions of a Butler

Our Executive Butlers are scheduled 8, 10, 12 or 14 hour days, or as needed,  to fully satisfy your family's needs.

Pricing is:     $   640 for  8 hours

                     $   875 for 10 hours

                     $ 1,010 for  12 hours

                     $ 1,170 for  14 hours

Need more information or have special needs?  Please contact us.
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