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Welcoming  Guests

What does a Villa Butler do?


A Jr Butler does all the things that need to be done to keep a family on track and enjoying their vacation. 


A 10 minute "kick off the day" meeting is generally enough direction for the entire day with your Butler.  Buzzing from  one task to another with  little instruction from you,   the Butler not only keeps the home tidy, but is attentive to the needs of each group of guest in your villa.  With someone else to keep things moving Mom/Dad/Grandma can focus on quality time with family and extended family staying in the villa.  


Tasks may include shopping for meals and snacks, keeping bar supplies at the ready, serving cocktails and meals, making beds, tidying rooms, keeping tabs on children in the game-rooms, cleaning spills, restocking beverage fridges, etc. 


For many clients it helps to understand a typical day in a Villa:

  • Dozens of loads laundry both pool and bath towels

  • Creative games for the children

  • Drinks and fresh towels by the pool

  • Light meals and snack preparation/cleanup

  • Shopping for meals, snacks and beverages

  • Planning birthday parties & coordinating cakes and decorations

  • Obtaining tickets for theme parks & events

  • Researching dining options and making reservations


Here is a typical day:


Your Butler might arrive at 7:00 am to prepare coffee, and a light breakfast.  This might include warming Danish purchased on the way to the villa or a Breakfast Casserole prepared the previous evening and stored in the fridge.  After popping items into the oven, and before folks meander to the breakfast room,  your Butler would tidy the kitchen and living areas from the previous evening.  Next your Butler would prepare the breakfast table with china, silver, napkins, and decorations. Next would be creating a beverage station of coffee/tea, juice and may also include preparing a pitcher of Bloody Mary's or Mimosas.  Smells of sausage and coffee tend to bring folks to the breakfast room.


While guests are dining and discussing their plans for the day, your Butler would bounce between serving the table and placing towels on the lounge chairs by the pool or moving laundry over.  After tidying up from breakfast, your Butler would begin tidying rooms as they become vacant and folks head to the pool or out for the day to theme parks. As the family lounges by the pool, your Butler would offer refreshments, snacks, and begin laundering of the towels used during the night in rooms and by the pool.

After a brief daily meeting with the leader of your group, your Butler might vacuum floors, tidy rooms, make beds, wash another load of towels, organize the fridge, empty the dishwasher and then offer refreshments by the pool again.  

Lunch plans would be confirmed, then facilitated by your Butler such as ordering Pizza or heating leftovers.  Again your Butler would clean the kitchen and dining areas and return the kitchen to order while tidying all adjacent rooms including the poolside.

In the afternoon the theater usually hosts a family movie, and your Butler would provide beverages and popcorn to everyone as they enter. While the movie plays your Butler would clean the poolside areas, straightening chairs and laundering all used towels.   Once the movie is over your Butler will gather glassware and popcorn bowls and run another load of dishes and prepare heartier snacks for children.  When all are settled into another activity, your Butler would again tidy the bedrooms and common areas within the villa.

Dinner may be provided by the Chef, but your Butler would arrange a beverage station and refill drinks as needed.  While the Chef works the butler would perform turn-down service on all bedrooms, turning on lamps and drawing the drapes or blinds for privacy.  With the family in good hands with the Personal Chef for the evening, the Butler bids goodnight at 6:00 pm and departs, carrying trash to the receptacle on the way out of the villa.


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