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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

           A Butler for your Vacation Villa


Q:  Why should I hire a butler?

A:   To maximize enjoyment of your villa.


Q:  How do I know which level to choose or how many hours a day I need one?

A:  We are happy to help with your decision. 

Q:  What does a butler do?

A:  All the little things you would do if you didn't want to enjoy your vacation. 

Q:  How do I book a butler:

A:  On this website we offer booking options, or you may complete the form on Contact Us and we will get back to you.  (Sorry we are tending to guests too often to answer our office phones.)

Q:  My vacation isn't for 6 months.  When should I book a butler?

A:   Most of our butlers are booked months in advance. So our advice is to book your butler as soon as you book your villa. Holidays are very busy.

Q:  When do I have to pay for the butler booking?

A:  We require 50% payment at the time of booking, unless you wish to pay 100%.  We are happy with either decision.  However, if your arrival is less than three months away, we require 100% payment at the time of booking.


Q:  If I pay 100%, what if I change my mind?

A:  The amount paid is non-refundable but can be transferred to another time-frame within twelve months.  We understand life happens.

Q:  How much does a butler cost?

A:  It varies on the skill level but starts at $480 per day for an 8 hour day.  We also offer longer day options and higher skills for more elegant service.

Q:  I am having a corporate retreat.  Can I book 2 butlers and have them work in shifts?

A:  Of course.  You may book as many as you wish.

Q:  What if I am unhappy with the butler you assign me?

A:  After doing this for almost 10 years, we are rather good at matching families to butlers but if needed a change can be made. To date, this has not occurred, but there is a first time for everything.

           A Butler for your Home


Q:  Why should I hire a butler?

A:   For peace of mind while you travel.

Q:  I travel a great deal and need someone to watch over my home while we are away.  How would a part-time butler do this? 

A:  Your butler would visit your home on scheduled days, usually twice a week, such as Mondays and Thursdays.  We also offer once weekly options.


Q:  What would a butler do? 

A:  Many of the things you would do if you were at home...Collect mail and process it if desired,  water plants, inspect the home and grounds, shop for specific food and place into pantry or fridge,  and then report to you their findings...Except you wouldn't report to yourself.


Q:  How do I know which frequency to choose?

A:  We are happy to help with your decision.

Q:  What is this monitoring process called?

A:  We call it Home Tending, but its really just butler services.  We are a handy bunch.

Q:  What is the fee for this service?

A:  The price varies by home but in general is approximately $175 per week for two visits per week. 

Q:  Do you recommend once or twice per week?

A:  Due to the severity of home issues in a short amount of time, we strongly recommend twice weekly.  However some folks prefer four times per week. We are but here to serve.

Q:  How do I pay you?

A:  We are happy to take your money in all forms of credit cards and electronic transfers. 

Q:  Can I pay you in advance?

A:  Yes, we prefer it. 

Q:  Can I book a butler just when I am away?

A?  Yes,  but two weeks is the minimal time period once you are established.

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