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Whether you're looking to enter the private service industry or move up to a higher level, you probably already know that competition is fierce. When you're seeking out that perfect job or trying to move up, you need something to give you that "edge".

We're here to help.

Our Butler and Estate Manager certification programs are exactly what you need to gain the dynamic skillset your potential employers want so you can Outshine the Competition.

“I had managed celebrity homes for a few years, but during the school I realized all the things I didn't know. When we were done I felt confident in the new skills I learned to serve my clients. The promotion and salary increase I got was nice too!”  

- Brandon D., VIP Home Manager, Palm Springs, CA


When most people think of a “butler”, they envision the domestic worker of past centuries: impeccably attired, knowledgeable in fine dining, serving in silence and speaking with brevity and eloquence when needed. A modern-day butler must be all those things, of course, but he or she must be much more than that. A butler in today’s fast-paced world is a dynamic management professional, leading and directing a team of staff members and contractors as a well-run business that caters to the needs of a single family.

We train private service professionals who are prepared to meet the challenges of managing a modern private estate. Our program places emphasis on management because a butler is a management-level professional. When our students graduate, they have the confidence to inspire a large formal staff, the acumen to manage contractors from bid to finish, and the poise to manage a formal household that meets the utmost expectations.

Naturally, an effective manager must have intimate knowledge of the roles of the staff they manage: our Underbutler course covers the "nuts and bolts" of private service such as wardrobe valeting, place settings for fine dining, and housekeeping. However, we're not training candidates to be maids and waiters. At all levels of training we focus on how to lead and inspire a staff to help you shine as a dynamic management professional. Rather than spending all of your time on the mundane, you'll learn how to manage others to make the mundane magnificent.

“Debi Pappas and her team conducted a fascinating and engaging seminar for our new butler staff...I would highly recommend The American Butler School for your educational needs on the art and science of being a butler.”   
David P. Kasprazak, VIP Services Manager, Waldorf Astoria Orlando

September 7 – October 3, 2014 : Butler & Household Manager Certification

  • A program designed by professionals in the private service world to give you the essential skills of maintaining a large formal household, leading staff, dealing with vendors and guests, and serving the needs and conforts of your principal family.
  • This is an intensive class requring 6 – 9 hours per day of classroom and hands-on instruction, with 2 – 3 hours of evening assignments and group work.
  • This class is designed for those with prior experience in household management, resorts, cruises, or private service experience (such as personal assistants or nannies).

October 5 – October 10, 2014 : Estate Manager Certification

  • Our one-week capstone course is designed for professionals in private service to learn powerful management techniques.
  • Our estate manager program focuses on the techniques of executive-level management for those preparing to manage an estate with multiple private homes and overseeing multiple house managers.
  • This course requires experience and prior certification in a professional butler/household manager program, or extensive experience and seniority in the industry (determined on a case-by-case basis).
  • Estate manager certification is taught by Debi Pappas, a former government contracting executive with 30 years of experience in corporate management as well as a professional estate manager.


How does one become a Butler?

At the American Butler School, we help you create skills to master the adaptation of yourself and your services to meet each family’s needs, and teach you how to care for quality materials and fine furnishings. We also provide the tools you will need for managing the estate’s resources & needs. While we build on prior experience, our candidates come from diverse backgrounds in different industries from hospitality and fine dining, to corporate personal assistants, to business management. We provide the tools, skills, and hands-on experience needed to equip you for an exciting career that encompasses resource (time, money and staff) management, special event planning, food and beverage service, home management, and most importantly: effective communication & leadership.


American Butler School Staff
Our instructors are well trained and experienced in their respective areas. Although most are from the private service world, many possess degrees in such areas as Accounting, Engineering, Finance, Psychology and Business Management. At the American Butler School, each instructor was chosen for his or her breadth of knowledge and hands-on experience as it will benefit future professional Household Managers and Estate Managers. With decades of experience between us, the depth of our experience combined with ample coursework & materials serves to provide our students with a strong foundation to meet the demands of a challenging career as a Butler or Estate Manager.


How Do I Apply?

Download and complete our application form and send it to us via fax or email. Applications will be reviewed promptly in the order they were received. If you have further questions please complete the Contact Us form on this website to gain more information or email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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